ScriptSender is the fastest, easiest way to integrate with referring physicians.

With one click, referring providers can directly and securely transmit referrals, patient jackets, insurance cards, or any other clinical information. You and your providers can be freed from complex interfaces, site-to-site integration issues, and administrative bottlenecks.

It’s integration made easy.

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Here’s how it works:

Easy for your referring physicians to transfer documents.

Your referring providers use a virtual printer, activated with a simple point-and-click in a web browser, to transmit to your ScriptSender server. It’s as simple as a print command—and that’s any document, from any medical group, using any EMR. ScriptSender leverages a driver native to Microsoft Windows—no installs, downloads or costs to your customer.

Easy to integrate those documents into your system.

Routing to your ScriptSender server is secure, using industry-standard encryption technologies. Any type of document—clinical referrals, lab results, scanned insurance cards, and so on—is written to a pristine PDF upon receipt and saved to the ScriptSender database. Want to take it further? Additional ScriptSender options include referral generation directly into your EMR and HL7 file generation for import.

You Gain—

  • Faster turnaround times

  • Better utilization of resources

  • Stronger relationships with referring groups

  • Greater data integrity

—all without the overhead costs of integrating IT.

Connect in seconds to referring providers.