ScriptSender’s Translation Services module performs data mapping and translation services for submissions from any provider’s system.

Translation Services auto-analyzes and auto-routes submitted documents in the way that works best for your practice. It can auto-write a referral directly into your EMR or create an HL7 file to use for import into another system.

Translation Services Features

  • Data mapping and translation for any referring provider’s system.

  • Auto-analysis and routing of submitted documents.

  • Option to auto-write referral directly into the EMR, if submission matches a known referral format.

  • Option to auto-create an HL7 file to use for import into any system.

Enabling True Interoperability

The ability to instantly convert any document into the format you need is unique to ScriptSender. The Translation Services module parses the document into real, usable, shareable data—not a flat pdf or image file.

Know the ScriptSender difference.

IT That Works For You

The goal is productive collaboration and accurate reports.

Translation Services handles the setup to that goal—automatically—so you can focus your expertise on patient care. By automatically processing documents from any provider’s system, it cuts down on the bottlenecks—paperwork, errors, labor time—that can impact performance.

Usable Data

Translation Services can create usable, mine-able data out of a fax. It can—

  • “Read” the fax document for content

  • Follow defined rules for what it finds—such as converting it to pdf or HL7

  • Send the data in its new format to a RIS/HIS/LIS or other system

  • Send the data outbound to another system, or to the web, in another new format (such as back to pdf again)

  • Run analytics on the data