Integration Made Easy

Any document.

From any application.

From any medical group.

Sent directly to your practice with a single click.

ScriptSender enables secure, instant communication with your referring providers—no installs, no downloads, no complex interfaces. This is integration made easy.

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Fast-Track Communication

With just a single click in their own EHR, your providers can securely send any document—such as referrals, insurance information, or clinical notes—directly to your ScriptSender server. No complex VPN or HL7 set-up is required.

Add On & Optimize

Gain even greater productivity—custom web orders, instant report delivery with real-time notifications, shareable images, and more—with the full ScriptSender platform.

Provide access to images and reports—on any device, any platform, anytime.


Strengthen provider relationships with instant report delivery and real-time notifications.


Limit human intervention with auto-generated data mapping, HL7 files, referrals, and document routing.


Enable custom web referrals from any system to streamline the referral workflow.


Simplify the transfer of overreads, second opinions, patient CDs—any outside study—into your system with an easy, wizard-driven solution.


Increase collections with robust, comprehensive data on insurance eligibility and patient responsibility—in real-time.


Deliver medical dictionary definitions of terms in imaging reports to increase readability and clinical usefulness for referrers.

  • Cut IT overhead

  • ScriptSender eliminates the need for faxes, DVDs, HL7, and complex site-to-site VPN setups. Providers simply click Print to send any file from any application.
  • ScriptSender’s workflow automation handles tasks like document routing, referral creation (directly into the EMR), HL7 file generation, and more with no human intervention.
  • Referring providers pay no transaction fees to use ScriptSender.
  • Strengthen provider relationships

  • We enable instant, one-click communication—to spare your referrers the cost and complexity of site-to-site integrations.
  • Referring providers have no installs, no downloads, and no costs to connect to your practice.
  • Web Orders makes it easy for referrers to send customized, robust referrals—no paperwork or faxing needed.
  • Links to images can be embedded in reports, enabling referring providers to perform clinical review on any device, any platform, at anytime. Referring providers can easily set up their own rules to optimize their particular workflow.
  • Streamline workflows

  • Image View Image Share (IVIS) integrates with any PACS, RIS or EMR with configurable access to current and prior studies.
  • IVIS supports direct DICOM export; no additional interface needed.
  • Report Sender integrates into any provider EMR for immediate and direct delivery of reports.
  • Images can be electronically shared and mobile—no need to burn CDs and DVDs.
  • Reports can include links for immediate display of images and reports in our Image Viewer, for clinical review on any device and any platform at anytime.
  • Drastically reduce turnaround times

  • Reports are delivered instantly via ReportSender—to a 24/7/365 accessible portal, a mapped drive, a custom automated process, or directly into a provider’s EMR.
  • Translation Services provides data mapping for any referring provider’s system, so that document routing, referral generation, analysis, and HL7 file creation happen without human intervention.
  • Support continuity of care

  • Providers can use the lightweight Image Viewer for clinical review of complete study information, from any device on any platform at anytime. Clear sharing of information supports quality care.
  • Web Orders has integrated ICD10 coding—to support accurate transmittal of correct data.
  • Robust referral creation—with attached documents and images—is supported in Web Orders. More information supports higher quality.

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