Project Description

ReportSender transmits results to referring providers the instant they’re ready.

With integration to any EMR, ReportSender streamlines delivery of patient results. Referring providers get reports instantly and securely in whatever way they prefer—to a portal available 24/7/365, to a mapped drive in their system, or directly to their server.

Faster report delivery means optimal patient care.

Advantages for Your Referring Providers

  • Instant access to reports on any device with a single click.

  • Results delivered directly into any EHR, with no complex setup required.

  • Image links embedded in every report.

  • Real-time notifications to alert clinicians of report availability.

  • Notification of unread reports, at a provider-defined interval.

  • Complete audit trail for all referrals and reports.

  • Auto-archive of reports.

  • No IT overhead.

  • Complete, flexible patient search.

  • No transaction fees for providers.

  • Report format configurable to provider preference.

Streamlined Workflow

ReportSender removes the bottlenecks to high-quality patient care. You avoid:

  • Site-to-site integration hassles.

  • Lost faxes.

  • Resources spent on multiple phone calls and voicemail messages.

  • Complex interfaces to maintain.

  • IT integration costs.

By enabling direct delivery of reports, branded with your practice name, you strengthen the relationship with your referring providers.

Fast and Flexible

Referrers can access reports on a portal that’s accessible 24/7/365. Or they can receive reports directly into a mapped drive on their server. Or they can use an automated process—to any EHR.

More options mean better communication.

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