DICOMSender streamlines the process of uploading external studies into your system.

Use a simple drag-and-drop along with DICOMSender’s automatic patient matching to reduce upload times from minutes to seconds.

Three Easy Steps

DICOMSender Benefits

  • No specialized IT knowledge is necessary thanks to a simple wizard.

  • Semi-automated workflows allow Techs to focus on patient care, and not rely on IT.

  • DICOM data discrepancies can be resolved automatically before ever reaching your PACS.

  • Real-time comparisons from any number of PACS, VNA, or other storage systems you are connected to are supported—with full validation and reconciliation to ensure accuracy.

Self-Service for Patients

Patients can upload prior studies from their CD directly into your system.

  • Accuracy ensured via easy wizard.

  • Easy integration with any online portal or web page.

  • Priors ready in the system before the appointment.

  • No need for patients to transport a CD.

  • More efficient check-ins.

Reduce Upload Times

With DICOMSender, you can avoid complex IT interventions to manage outside studies. Get external studies into your system quickly and accurately.

This is integration made easy.

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