ScriptSender’s SMRT solution translates medical terms into standard language.

When reading reports and other clinical documents, referring physicians and patients don’t have to look up words in a medical dictionary to understand their meaning. SMRT makes information more accessible. 

Simplifying Information

SMRT identifies all medical terms in a clinical report with an underline. Users hover over the word to display a simple definition of that term from a trusted medical dictionary.

  • Flexible: Can be toggled on or off according to physician requirements

  • Easy: No training necessary

  • Non-invasive: No alteration to coding and billing structures, and no loss of report integrity

What About Patients?

Reduce patient confusion—and the number of calls staff must field—by making reports simpler.

With SMRT, patients are better able to comprehend reports. They don’t have to search medical terms on their own, decipher alarming misinformation, and make extra calls to you for support.

Patients get useful reports on time, since SMRT integrates
with any portal. SMRT enables a meaningful doctor-patient relationship.

Benefits for Specialists:

  • Zero workflow disruption

  • Zero change to customary reporting structures

  • Coding and billing data maintained for revenue capture

  • Key differentiator for improved service delivery to referrers

  • Increased referring physician loyalty

Benefits for Referring Physicians:

  • More clinically useful information

  • Support for actionable decisions on patient care

  • Faster grasp of diagnostic data

  • Reduced workflow interruptions to consult a medical dictionary

Real Collaboration

SMRT makes clinical information more accessible. Simple definitions of medical terms are one hover away, making reports more user-friendly.

This is integration made easy.