ScriptSender’s Fax Management Module (FMM) consolidates multiple fax lines into a single, streamlined worklist and automatically sends that digitized data to any RIS or EMR.

Cloud Faxing

For those trying to manage large fax volumes, digital and analog fax lines require substantial headcount and maintenance to remain operational. Illegible faxes and manual data entry introduce the risk of inaccurate information, and fax machines offer no reporting capability. By aggregating all enterprise fax lines into a single worklist, FMM solves the time-consuming, manual workflows that can block optimal patient care.

How FMM Works

For Even More Flexibility: Outbound Faxing

ScriptSender has innovative tools—ReportSender and ADAM—to deliver reports directly into a physician’s EMR. If a physician is restricted from leveraging those tools for whatever reason, the report can be automatically delivered to the referrer’s defined fax number via the Fax Management Module.

We make report delivery flexible. There is no block to information flow that we haven’t solved.

Make fax strategic.

Transform fax management from a costly, labor-intensive burden into a strategic advantage. Gain accuracy, efficiency, scalability, and control – while delivering better service to referrers and patients.

This is integration made easy.