Find out what “no human intervention” really means.

Report distribution directly into any EMR. Retrieval of clinical notes from any EMR. Retrieval of prior authorization data into billing systems. All of that and much more with no human intervention.

How does ADAM work?

ADAM is an agent that performs just like a credentialed user. According to assigned privileges, it automatically runs tasks that would typically be handled manually. After configuration in one simple dialog box, ADAM securely connects to any EMR and can:

  • Run without human intervention, so data flows seamlessly and accurately across platforms.

  • Automatically upload reports directly into a referring physician’s EMR—whether cloud-based or local.

  • Automatically route reports directly to the patient’s folder in that EMR.

  • Automatically search a referrer’s EMR for clinical notes—and retrieve and verify that data for prior authorization, billing, and full collaboration.

  • Automatically retrieve all relevant patient documents from any referrer’s EMR and match them with an incoming order in the provider’s system.

  • Automatically export entire patient chart securely to HIE, or any other system, for real collaboration.

  • Automatically verify incoming orders against patient data, auto-populating data into a new record if none exists.

  • Automatically retrieve and route patient data from a referrer’s EMR for any custom workflow.

An unprecedented level of service for referring physicians.

With ADAM, you deliver to referrers what no other provider can offer. Reports show up automatically in their EMR. The back and forth faxing and phone calls for prior authorization are gone. The expense and headaches of an HL7 build are eliminated. Staff can focus on patients, not paperwork. You both achieve real interoperability in minutes, not months.

ADAM Results

  • Drastically streamlines workflows by eliminating hours of manual data entry every day.

  • Provides more immediate access to reports, increasing physician productivity.

  • Significantly simplifies prior authorization.

  • Facilitates faster, more accurate billing with verified prior authorization data.

  • Eliminates the expense and complexity of building and maintaining an HL7 interface.

  • Creates opportunities for custom workflows between provider and referrer.

  • Increases data accuracy—bypassing manual entry, auto-verifying data, and finding and eliminating duplicate records automatically.

  • Enables sharing of complete patient data for higher-quality care.

  • Achieves true interoperability across platforms, for stronger clinical collaboration.

Fully automated – leave the work to ADAM.

Next time you hear “full automation,” ask for more. ScriptSender’s ADAM does more than move data, it completes tasks—for you and your referring physicians.

This is integration made easy.