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Case Studies

The results speak for themselves.

Case Studies2019-04-11T16:20:05-05:00

Chesapeake Medical Imaging + ScriptSender

Tom Marshall, Director of Marketing and Practice Development for Chesapeake Medical Imaging (CMI), was discussing how its referring community responds to ScriptSender. “We demonstrate the technology to them in person,” he said. “We show, right in their office in real-time…

NY Imaging Specialists + ScriptSender

Timothy Wintz, RT, R, MR, ARRT, is the Director of MRI at New York Imaging Specialists (NYIS), and he is committed to white-glove service for patients. Technology from the 1980s doesn’t fit his vision of what patients should expect from a healthcare provider.

Southwest Medical Imaging + ScriptSender

Charlie Rivers, CIO of Southwest Medical Imaging (SMIL) in Arizona, is adamant that the fax is an outdated, inefficient method of sharing medical data, and that it can have a detrimental impact on patient care. There may be only one other person in healthcare more committed to making the fax officially obsolete, and that’s Chris Craft…

East Valley Diagnostic Imaging + ScriptSender

East Valley Diagnostic Imaging (EVDI) faced this exact challenge. A thriving practice—with seven clinical sites and 44 radiologists—in Mesa, Arizona, EVDI knew that there had to be a better way. The EVDI team knew that technology was the key to the problem and had established HL7 connections…

The Radiology Clinic of Tuscaloosa + ScriptSender

Since its establishment in the late 1940s, The Radiology Clinic has recognized that diagnostic testing can cause apprehension and uneasiness for patients. Those same feelings of uneasiness and apprehension are experienced by referring physicians and their staff...

Northeast Radiology + ScriptSender

Mike Bonasera had a problem, and it was getting more urgent by the day. Chief Information Officer of Northeast Radiology, Bonasera knew that order volume—a steady stream of physician referrals, the backbone of any imaging practice—was under threat.