Since its establishment in the late 1940s, The Radiology Clinic has recognized that diagnostic testing can cause apprehension and uneasiness for patients. Those same feelings of uneasiness and apprehension are experienced by referring physicians and their staff when ordering Radiology exams, scheduling patients, and obtaining prompt actionable results.

The Radiology Clinic chose ScriptSender for a cost-effective, efficient way to ease that apprehension. To simplify incoming orders from referring physicians, The Radiology Clinic developed a pilot program with ScriptSender and evaluated the solution through three of their referring physicians. ScriptSender delivers a whole suite of technology solutions to improve clinical communication, and The Radiology Clinic opted to test three products: ScriptSender (the flagship product for inbound orders), ReportSender (for transmitting results with image links to referring physicians), and Translation Services (for data mapping to write directly into an EMR, or to create HL7 files for export).


Average cost to build a single VPN/HL7 connection

The Why and How

The immediate goal of the pilot was to find a viable solution outside of the expensive and unwieldy process of HL7 and VPN connections. The overarching goal was for The Radiology Clinic to make life easier for ts referring physicians and patients—to offer something more than any other imaging provider could offer.

The Radiology Clinic strives to always be available to referring providers without using an automated phone attendant. While patients are at the front desk, The Radiology Clinic’s scheduling team has to be as efficient and effective as possible. Their goal is to make the scheduling conversation on the phone quick, simple, and accurate so the patient has a positive experience from the beginning.

ScriptSender significantly reduces the amount of time both parties spend on the phone. It automatically populates a patient’s demographics, order information, and insurance details for scheduling, thus lessening the amount of time spent on the call. ScriptSender is also able to collect electronic signatures from The Radiology Clinic’s referring physicians.

The response from the pilot studies and staff was outstanding. Tracy Anders, Scheduling Supervisor, said: “The ScriptSender solution has reduced call center call time by pre-populating patient demographics, order information, and insurance data into our system. This process simplifies the scheduling conversation, which pleases our referring physician staff by not wasting their time. It also reduces the administration time of searching and reconciling the patient order when received via fax.”

What is ScriptSender?

ScriptSender creates direct, secure, cost-effective communication solutions for healthcare organizations. Using a simple print command, referrers can transmit any document, from any application, to another medical provider—orders, prescriptions, clinical notes, lab results, anything. It is one-click integration. Providers and their referring physicians can bypass faxing, CD burning, and complex VPN or HL7 configurations.

ScriptSender’s portfolio also includes:

On the Right Track

“We receive  approximately 250 orders through ScriptSender each week,” said Ed Lawrence, Chief Technology Officer of The Radiology Clinic. “This saves valuable time and money. Our faxes have been reduced by more than that amount due to duplications on fax transmissions, which means we can re-direct that effort to higher priorities, like patient care.”

The Radiology Clinic has 27 referring provider locations on the ScriptSender solution. “The statements from referring physicians and staff have been outstanding, so we know we are on the right track,” said Lawrence. “We are phasing in multiple ScriptSender products that will continue to enhance our relationships.”

“I highly recommend ScriptSender to any provider of care who depends on referring physicians.”

Director of Marketing, The Radiology Clinic of Tuscaloosa

The Difference

ScriptSender enables The Radiology Clinic to receive orders from referrers consistently, no matter which EMR each is using. Radiology results, with links to images in the reports, are distributed efficiently and securely.

“Simplified scheduling is a real differentiator in our marketplace,” said Anders. “From a recent referring provider survey, we discovered easy ordering was the number one factor in selecting the facility they use for medical imaging. The feedback from our referring providers is that ScriptSender is a simple and quick solution compared to other interface systems.”

Schedulers at The Radiology Clinic were trained on how to review incoming orders in the system. “It was a shift in mindset,” said Anders, “but it was adopted rather quickly by staff.”

“ScriptSender is a true partner and is helping us improve healthcare,” said Lawrence.

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