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Project Description

With the standalone Image View Image Share (IVIS) module, you can share images for clinical review instantly, on any device.

All study information, reports, and images can be accessed by your referring providers from anywhere. The lightweight IVIS can auto-launch with one click on an embedded link in a report—no matter which platform or device the clinician is using. From there, providers can securely share with one click. 

IVIS Features

  • Real-time, secure image sharing.

  • Embedded links to studies in reports, with support for all DICOM-compliant image classes.

  • Support for any platform and any device, including iOS and Android mobile devices.

  • Fast, easy, direct export of DICOM images for storage/viewing in clinician’s viewer.

  • Access to relevant prior studies, including images and reports.

  • Secure links for branded sharing with patients as well as specialists and other clinicians.

  • Easy integration with any PACS in minutes.

  • Lightweight, no-footprint viewer—with no install required.

Continuity of Care

IVIS supports all DICOM-compliant image classes and can be integrated with any PACS or other system in minutes.

Providers also gain configurable access to related prior studies—for easy integration that directly impacts continuity of care.

Real-Time Collaboration

2018 National Safety Patient Goal

Improve communication: Get important test results to the right staff person on time

—The Joint Commission

ScriptSender supports true collaboration by delivering its lightweight IVIS for clinical review. Providers gain:

  • Real-time image sharing so specialists, primary care physicians, referring providers, and other clinicians can collaborate without delays.
  • Elimination of the time and money spent on burning CDs/DVDs.
  • Higher patient satisfaction and improved quality with innovative, secure sharing of images to patients.
  • Streamlined productivity with easy-to-use IVIS features.
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