Project Description

Web Orders delivers greater productivity for your referring providers by streamlining their referral workflow.

From any system, referring providers can send highly customizable web referrals, including attached documents and images. Guided data entry and integrated ICD10 coding reduce errors, and a complete audit trail allows providers to track referral activity.

Web Order Features

  • Order reconciliation to indicate proper fulfillment of the referral request.

  • Support for robust referrals—attached images and documents.

  • Complete provider-facing audit trail for referrals. 

  • Ability to define requirements, such as procedures and preferences, by site.

  • Integrated ICD10 coding.

  • Guided data entry to reduce errors.

  • Ability to customize referrals to suit provider.

The Fast Lane

No faxes to track. No EHR interface to configure. Just a simple, robust way to help referring providers reduce bottlenecks and connect to your practice.

The result?
Increased referrer satisfaction.

Fast and Flexible

Providers aren’t forced into a one-size-fits-all solution. Web Orders delivers the flexibility necessary for a truly efficient referral workflow.

  • Providers can define routing preferences by site—by procedure and other criteria.

  • Referrals can be customized to provider specifications.

  • Referrals can include attached documents and images.

Complete Efficiency

Extend the productivity for referring providers with Report Sender. Referrers get results the second they’re ready—with one click, in whatever way they prefer.

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