Do the Impossible.

Get compliant with a complete CDS workflow. Orders, clinical information, and results flow easily to and from any EMR.

That’s only the beginning:

Unthinkable to live without fax?

Get digital data routed straight to your EHR or RIS—with no artifacts or handwriting.

Impractical to build interfaces for every office?

Integrate with referring physicians in one click—with no installs, downloads, and no cost for the referrer.

Overwhelming to deal with CDs?

Instantly share images for clinical review on any device with ScriptSender’s IVIS.

ScriptSender. Easy is good.

ScriptSender delivers a full suite of solutions to help physicians collaborate more productively.

Provide access to images and reports—on any device, any platform, anytime.

Strengthen provider relationships with instant report delivery and real-time notifications.

Limit human intervention with auto-generated data mapping, HL7 files, referrals, and document routing.

Enable custom web referrals from any system to streamline the referral workflow.

Simplify the transfer of overreads, second opinions, patient CDs—any outside study—into your system with an easy, wizard-driven solution.

Increase collections with robust, comprehensive data on insurance eligibility and patient responsibility—in real-time.

Deliver medical dictionary definitions of terms in imaging reports to increase readability and clinical usefulness for referrers.

Find the possibilities with ScriptSender.

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