Fast implementation enables dramatic increase in referrer integration and loyalty.

West Palm Beach, Fla., – ScriptSender, a leader in enabling secure, one-click communication between healthcare providers, announced today that Chesapeake Medical Imaging has deployed its suite of solutions to optimize continuity of care.

Chesapeake Medical Imaging (CMI) operates 12 outpatient imaging centers in Maryland and integrated more than 85 referring practices within six months of the ScriptSender deployment. After a one-click integration, the referrer can transmit directly to CMI’s server, using a virtual printer activated with a simple point-and-click. They can securely send any document—including prescriptions, clinical notes, insurance information, or even an entire patient folder—without the expense and complexity of setting up a VPN or HL7 connection to CMI, and without the inefficiency of faxing.

Tom Marshall, Director of Marketing and Practice Development for CMI, said, “With HL7, this would take years. Even a referrer who doesn’t have an EMR can create web orders with ScriptSender technology. There is no cost to our referrers, and we tell them they can always go back to faxing. They never do.”

ScriptSender also automates the process of sending for prior authorizations. Data on an order, received directly into CMI’s system, triggers the authorization workflow. “This eliminates multiple steps that required manual entry before, and referrers can monitor their orders and authorizations,” said Kristen Stokes, Global Project Manager for CMI. “This is a differentiator that enables us to stay competitive in our market.”

Stokes also noted that ScriptSender’s Image View / Image Share (IVIS) module is “another value-add.” Images are embedded into CMI’s reports and can be securely and instantly shared with other clinicians, on any platform, through IVIS. “IVIS is the only platform I’ve seen that enables secure access and image sharing in one click,” said Stokes.

Chris Craft, CEO and founder of ScriptSender, said, “CMI understands that breaking down barriers to information sharing is absolutely central to patient care. By taking full advantage of our innovative technology, they are part of the revolution in healthcare. They are fostering a much cleaner, faster, and more accurate collaboration with their referring community, and we’re proud to be part of their success.”

ScriptSender Referrer Integration Streamline Chris Craft

About Chesapeake Medical Imaging

Chesapeake Medical Imaging was established more than 20 years ago in Annapolis. The vision was to provide a higher quality of care and technology to the patient community, and that aim is now realized in 12 centers across the state. CMI is owned and operated by medical professionals, who leverage their expertise to deliver the most advanced insights to patients and referrers. CMI enjoys an extraordinary reputation, thanks to its commitment to innovative services. For more information, visit

About ScriptSender

ScriptSender enables secure, one-click communication between healthcare providers. Integration is made easy—without the complexities and costs associated with new interfaces, site-to-site VPN issues, and lost faxes. With a portfolio that includes its flagship product, ScriptSender, plus Web Orders, ReportSender, Image Viewer, and other solutions, ScriptSender aims to enhance relationships among healthcare providers of every size. Our solutions are the result of years of executive leadership in healthcare along with hands-on technical expertise.