Large imaging practice lowers costs and creates greater efficiency for referral base

West Palm Beach, Fla., November 26th, 2018– ScriptSender has implemented a suite of technology solutions at Northeast Radiology (NERAD), enabling the radiology provider to streamline operations and communicate much more effectively with its referrers.

ScriptSender creates direct, secure, cost-effective communication solutions for healthcare organizations, like NERAD. Using a simple print command, referrers can transmit any document, from any application, to another medical provider—orders, prescriptions, clinical notes, lab results, anything. It is one-click integration. Providers and their referring physicians can bypass faxing, CD burning, and complex VPN or HL7 configurations.

Northeast Radiology is a multi-site, multi-modality practice in New York and Connecticut with a large referral base. “We needed to add value in order to keep our volume high,” said Mike Bonasera, Chief Information Officer of NERAD. “Our challenge was to make life easier for our referring physicians and their staff, even as we ourselves were facing declining reimbursements. ScriptSender hit that sweet spot—a true differentiator that didn’t break the bank.”

NERAD’s first priority was fax replacement, as that method of submitting referrals adds 18 to 36 hours of processing time, on average, because of fax artifacts, missing pages, and phone calls to clarify the order.

“ScriptSender not only enables referrers to send to us in one click, accurately and securely, but it’s actual postscript data that is sent, not a pdf image,” said Bonasera. “Referrers can exchange real data with us, without the hassles and expense of building an interface.”

NERAD also uses ReportSender, which sends reports directly and immediately to the referring physician, with links to images in the reports. Referring physicians can view and share the images, which also helps subspecialists who need information for consults. The ability to share images helps NERAD bypass the costs of producing DVDs and CDs.

“The key is to give the right service to physicians, to make it easy for them to understand and refer radiology exams,” said Bonasera. “ScriptSender really understands our business and is key to growing our referral base.”

Chris Craft, CEO and founder of ScriptSender, said: “We understand the needs of providers like NERAD—that’s how ScriptSender was born. We were built to solve exactly these problems, because we recognized the possibilities as we were facing the same situations. Often it starts as a solution for one issue, such as fax replacement, but then the lights come on and people realize that our technology addresses a whole host of collaboration and productivity issues. We’re happy to provide a way for Northeast Radiology to build even more volume.”

About Northeast Radiology
Northeast Radiology is a leader in high-value medical imaging. It offers premium, patient-centric services such as a secure Patient Portal and Results Now, a program for receiving preliminary biopsy results to reduce the anxiety of waiting. All of its facilities are fully accredited by the FDA and the American College of Radiology. All physicians are board certified and fellowship trained, and many are listed in America’s Best Doctors. Northeast Radiology also practices price transparency, as part of its commitment to high-value, cost-effective healthcare. For more information, visit

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About ScriptSender
ScriptSender enables secure, one-click communication between healthcare providers. Integration is made easy—without the complexities and costs associated with new interfaces, site-to-site VPN issues, and lost faxes. With a portfolio that includes its flagship product, ScriptSender, plus Web Orders, ReportSender, Image Viewer, and other solutions, ScriptSender aims to enhance relationships among healthcare providers of every size. Our solutions are the result of years of executive leadership in healthcare along with hands-on technology expertise. For more information, visit

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