ScriptSender Releases Next-Level Workflow Automation Tool

New solution eliminates labor-intensive administrative tasks and enables fully-automated workflows.

West Palm Beach, Fla., September 1st, 2020 – ScriptSender, a leader in enabling secure, one-click communication between healthcare providers, today announced the release of its latest solution—Advanced Data Automation Manager (ADAM).

ADAM automatically handles tasks that would typically be handled manually. When providers and referrers must share patient information, ADAM can search a referrer’s EMR for clinical notes—and retrieve and verify that data for billing, prior authorization, and report distribution processes. ADAM eliminates the need for multiple phone calls and faxes back and forth. For example, providers can automatically route reports directly to the patient folder in a referrer’s EMR, whether cloud-based or local, without any end-user intervention. Any EMR is supported, as data flows seamlessly and accurately across platforms, with no need for complex and expensive HL7 integrations.

“It’s a game-changer in terms of efficiency,” said Jim Burchfield, ScriptSender’s Senior VP of Sales and Business Development. “First of all, the configuration is so simple. After filling in a few fields in a single dialog box, you’re ready for ADAM to do the work. With HL7 interfaces, the configuration is a heavy lift, requiring staff to manage the flow of information and monitor communications. ADAM moves beyond all that inefficiency and manual data entry, with increased accuracy and minimal human intervention. There is no printing, no human error, and no delays.”

ADAM is HIPAA-compliant and connects securely to any EMR. “There is a lot of conversation around interoperability in healthcare now,” said Burchfield. “We’re making that a reality and taking it several steps further by eliminating the most time-consuming manual processes. ADAM can fully automate any administrative workflow that requires an end user to login to a platform and do multiple manual steps. It can transform a practice by eliminating the majority of the human data entry. ADAM is true workflow automation.”

About ScriptSender
ScriptSender enables secure, one-click communication between healthcare providers. Integration is made easy—without the complexities and costs associated with new interfaces, site-to-site VPN issues, and lost faxes. With a portfolio that includes its flagship product, ScriptSender, plus Web Orders, ReportSender, Image Viewer, and other solutions, ScriptSender aims to enhance relationships among healthcare providers of every size. Our solutions are the result of years of executive leadership in healthcare along with hands-on technology expertise.

Jim Burchfield, Senior Vice President of Sales and Business Development
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