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Busy imaging center finds solution for “biggest problem”

West Palm Beach, Fla., November 19th, 2018 –ScriptSender announced that Chattanooga and Cleveland Imaging, a long-time customer, is successfully streamlining operations by using ScriptSender’s innovative technology. The company’s core product, ScriptSender, enables referring physicians to integrate with the practice in a single click. ScriptSender allows Chattanooga and Cleveland Imaging and its referring physicians the ability to avoid the inefficiencies associated with faxing and to collaborate more effectively.

ScriptSender creates direct, secure, cost-effective communication solutions for healthcare organizations, like Chattanooga and Cleveland Imaging. Using a simple print command, referrers can transmit any document, from any application, to another medical provider—orders, prescriptions, clinical notes, lab results, anything. It is one-click integration. Providers and their referring physicians can bypass faxing, CD burning, and complex VPN or HL7 configurations.

Chattanooga and Cleveland Imaging are multi-modality providers that deliver radiology services to patients in five locations across Chattanooga and Cleveland, TN, and serve more than 2000 referring physicians.

“Our biggest problem was the number of faxes from referring physicians,” said Angela Shipp, Director of Operations at Chattanooga and Cleveland Imaging. “Given the sheer volume—we average 20,000 faxes a month—you can imagine the back and forth and manual processes involved. Now our referrers can use a virtual printer, from whatever program they’re using, to send files directly to us. We no longer have the issue of receiving half of the pages, or not receiving an order at all via fax. It’s there—and it’s clean and usable.”

“Usable” because ScriptSender allows referring physicians to print directly from their EMR, and translates that into digital data—not simply a PDF copy of the order. That live data can be auto-routed directly into a provider’s system, no matter what system was used to send it, so that true information sharing is accomplished. As interoperability is a major issue in healthcare today, ScriptSender solutions represent a simple, cost-effective way for clinicians to collaborate faster and more accurately without complicated and expensive delays.

Chattanooga Imaging leverages ScriptSender for more than referrals. “Another big advantage is the ability to easily receive clinical notes from referring physicians. These faxes were typically 20 to 30 pages, and were pretty painful to deal with through a manual fax,” said Shipp. “Using ScriptSender has been fantastic for our referring physicians.  It’s eliminated so much time on their end and ours, not to mention the reduction of the paper waste on both ends.”

Chris Craft, CEO and founder of ScriptSender, said: “Chattanooga and Cleveland Imaging understood how well our technology fit their needs. It’s all about unblocking access to information and getting communication flowing. No unnecessary workflows or processes are added on either end. We make it as easy as possible.”


About Chattanooga and Cleveland Imaging
Chattanooga and Cleveland Imaging provide high-quality medical imaging to patients in five locations across the Chattanooga and Cleveland, TN area. Board-certified, with a broad range of subspecialty expertise, Chattanooga and Cleveland Imaging radiologists leverage decades of experience to deliver patient-centric care. CI’s technology and expertise in multiple modalities also makes it simple for referring physicians to collaborate with CI clinicians. For more information, visit

About ScriptSender

ScriptSender enables secure, one-click communication between healthcare providers. Integration is made easy—without the complexities and costs associated with new interfaces, site-to-site VPN issues, and lost faxes. With a portfolio that includes its flagship product, ScriptSender, plus Web Orders, Report Sender, Image Viewer, and other solutions, ScriptSender aims to enhance relationships among healthcare providers of every size. Our solutions are the result of years of executive leadership in healthcare along with hands-on technology expertise. For more information, visit

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