To our valued customers:

Radiology providers can dramatically improve service offering to referring physicians

West Palm Beach, Fla., December 1st, 2019 – ScriptSender, LLC, a leader in enabling secure, one-click communication between healthcare providers, today announced a partnership with EvoHealth, which creates innovative IT solutions for the radiology industry.

ScriptSender enables secure, instant communication with referring providers. Any document, from any application and from any medical group, can be sent to the imaging center with a single click. Imaging centers can also send any document directly into the referrer’s system. Practices can bypass the complexities and expense of complicated integrations—and eliminate the inefficiency of faxing.

EvoHealth delivers a solution suite that can optimize any workflow; it includes RIS, Mammo, Cardio, Ortho, Billing, and other modules. The partnership with ScriptSender is a value-add for EvoHealth customers, who now gain fully automated orders, reports, and Clinical Decision Support. The headaches around HL7 integrations, particularly scaling and maintaining the technology, can be a thing of the past.

Katie Eckhardt, Marketing Director of EvoHealth, said, “Whether it’s lost print-outs, blurry faxes, or image sharing on outdated CDs, physicians have pain points when it comes to collaboration. These headaches become normalized as everyone gets used to inefficiency, so imaging providers may not realize where the marketability can be. ScriptSender and EvoHealth are making it easy for referring physicians to work with imaging providers. Referrers want to work with the radiology practice that is bringing greater productivity to the equation.”

“EvoHealth and ScriptSender represent a partnership that delivers true interoperability between radiology groups and their referring physicians,” said Jim Burchfield, ScriptSender’s Senior VP of Sales and Business Development. “By automating the traditional and very manual administrative workflows of radiology, the EvoHealth and ScriptSender technologies overcome the boundaries that exist today in expensive HL7 integration costs and inefficient faxing. Leveraging technology in this manner reduces cost, increases efficiency, and improves patient care.”

Customers using EvoHealth’s RIS solution will have the option to add ScriptSender’s one-click integration technology to streamline communication with referrers.