Mike Bonasera had a problem, and it was getting more urgent by the day. Chief Information Officer of Northeast Radiology, Bonasera knew that order volume—a steady stream of physician referrals, the backbone of any imaging practice—was under threat.

“We have four outpatient imaging centers in our practice, and we’re competing with massive healthcare systems that have the resources to maybe out-flank us on gaining referrals. That’s even though their imaging services turn out to be the same quality, often at a much higher cost. That’s a wall closing in on one side. On the other side, we’re facing decreasing reimbursement from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services for many imaging procedures, and we all know that major payers follow the government’s lead. That’s another wall closing in.” -Mike Bonasera.

At a pivotal point, Northeast Radiology was able to see concrete, measurable value from ScriptSender. Forced out when hospital radiologists were installed in an orthopedic building, Northeast Radiology continued to get referrals from the existing orthopedic group because ScriptSender made the referrals, and other communication, so easy. That made a difference of about 150 MRs per month for Northeast Radiology.

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