Fast and secure interoperability achieved for pioneering cognitive assessment platform. 

West Palm Beach, Fla., August 16, 2021 – ScriptSender, a leader in enabling secure, one-click communication between healthcare providers, announced today that it is collaborating with Healthy Amplified to support interoperability for the company’s cognitive health solution.

Healthy Amplified, based in Chicago, provides a mobile-based, proprietary cognition technology that enables hospitals, clinics, and providers to screen cognitive function in patients. Using an adaptive touchscreen test, the CANTAB technology precisely measures cognitive function across five distinct cognitive domains and assesses depression and mood.

Healthy Amplified needed an interoperability solution to facilitate report propagation to diverse Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems, without the complexity and ongoing expense of developing HL7 interfaces. “We chose ScriptSender because the team is very good at problem-solving,” said William Nelson, CEO of Healthy Amplified. “They designed their interoperability technology to be agnostic, to be flexible and adaptable for cloud-based EHR. That’s a big differentiator, and it was distinct from anything available.”

Healthy Amplified will be using ScriptSender for one-click integration with its U.S. clinical community, with no software download required—by the company or its referring providers. Healthy Amplified will also leverage ScriptSender’s Advanced Data Automation Manager (ADAM™) to automate the reports directly into a patient’s folder in any EMR.

“We are highly specialized and have a unique offering, backed by published data, for patients who need cognitive assessments,” said Nelson. “ScriptSender enables us to sidestep the building, supporting, and maintaining of scores of interfaces, so we can remain focused on the excellence of our platform.”

Jim Burchfield, Senior Vice-President of Sales and Business Development at ScriptSender, said, “Healthy Amplified has a revolutionary technology, and they are positioned to take the market by storm with unprecedented cognitive clinical assessments that have made tremendous breakthroughs in treating dementia, Alzheimer’s, depression, and other conditions. The only limiting factor had been overcoming the challenge of integrating with various EMRs. By leveraging ScriptSender—and specifically our ADAM technology—Healthy Amplified’s clinical clients can have cognitive assessments fully automated and uploaded into their EMR and the patient record. Together, we can now profoundly improve our treatment of patients with these debilitating mental diseases.”

About Healthy Amplified

Healthy Amplified, delivers an evidence- and cloud-based cognitive health solution that promotes a holistic approach to patient well-being. It provides Medical Devices as software and features FDA-cleared and CE-marked technology produces immediate, reliable, sensitive, and specific computerized cognitive tests for healthcare assessment and treatment. Healthy Amplified’s works with physicians and healthcare systems for treating patients at the point of care. For more information, visit

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