Senior PHP Developer

ScriptSender is an innovative solution for transferring electronic documents from one physician or medical office to another, without the expense or hassle of site-to-site VPNs or HL7 ordering. With no downloads or installs—just a simple activation of a native printer driver—ScriptSender make secure clinical communication as straightforward as a single click. Its easy-to-use interface enables faster, more effective collaboration, without technology bottlenecks, to keep the focus on patient care.

Product Overview

Our software addresses various challenges with inbound documents to a healthcare provider, report distribution, radiology study viewing and sharing, procedure ordering and scheduling, workflows, and efficiency. As the Senior PHP Developer, you will be responsible for the full healthcare software suite that is comprised of a series of micro-services connected together. We are a LAMP based stack, utilizing Laravel, MySQL, JavaScript, and Vue.

Job Responsibilities:

This role will play a big part in the oversight of code quality, documentation, and overall direction of the product. You will solve new challenges, maintain existing code base, create various utilities and scripts, and push the technology forward. We are a fast-paced team building new features, solidifying structure, and iterating the product. And, of course, attention to detail is paramount as we are dealing with medical information.

The ideal candidate will be able to solve complex problems, provide leadership and guidance, is self-motivated, detail-oriented, and a natural problem solver. Special consideration will be given to candidates with large scale, enterprise level, healthcare software experience.

Required Skills:

  • PHP—Object Oriented concepts, traits, auto-loading, etc.
  • Laravel— Eloquent, facades, authentication, migrations, emailing, crons, etc.
  • Linux command-line— Knowledge of file system, permissions, basic networking, and other fundamentals
  • JavaScript & jQuery—Solid understanding of basic JavaScript frameworks (Angular / Ember / Vue / Backbone etc.)
  • Git—Basics and workflow

Preferred Skills (will train upon hire):

  • Perl—CPAN, Object Oriented programming, DB handling, comfortable with complex data-structures such as hash of hash of array etc., regular expressions, file handling, error and exception handling, logging, etc.
  • MySQL— Advanced indexing, normalization, and other database optimizations
  • HL7—Practical understanding of the HL7 standard, interfacing, etc.

This is a Full-Time Position with Benefits, and will be located downtown West Palm Beach. Please note that we are considering local candidates only at this time.

ScriptSender is an equal employment opportunity employer and treats all applicants and employees in a fair and non-discriminatory manner without regard to race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy), gender, gender-identity, national origin, ancestry, genetic information, citizenship, age, mental or physical disability, veteran/military status, qualified disabled veteran, marital/ domestic partnership status, religious creed, medical condition, sexual orientation, political activity, or any other characteristic protected by federal, state or local laws. ScriptSender does participate in E-I9 verify.

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